Come talk to me, if you dare

BODY: Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip) Hair-  .Entwined. Jennifer (vivienmarli) Skin-  [Glam Affair] Michelle Applier [ Catwa ] 004 (Aida Ewing) @ COLLABOR88 Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Chibi Eyes  (funeral.plutonian) @ KUSTOM9 CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES:  Dress- Rowne.Oyku Leather Bodysuit – Deluxe &  Jeune by Rowne.Khloe Leather Mini – Deluxe (Fashionboi Landar) @ COLLABOR88 Boots- :[P]:- Kenna Gogo Boots:// Bare FATPACK (aikea.rieko) @ COLLABOR88 Rings-  (Yummy) Disco […]

A Queen’s nest

BODY: Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!) Hair- #taketomiWEST – Gabby – Fatpack (Bella Earst) @club taketomi Skin- [Glam Affair] Masha Applier [ Catwa ] (Aida Ewing) Eyes-  L’Etre – Catwa eyes [#59-68] HALLOWE’EN COLLECTION  (dam1710) @ Powder pack Catwa Oct. 18 Body Spikes-  + Body Thorns + {egosumaii} (devilaii) @ NEO Japan Tusks- .:Soul:. Nippers – Orc (lerochelle.destiny) CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES: Crown- :[P]:– Spidela Crown (aikea.rieko) @ Epiphany. […]

A hidden treasure

BODY: Head- CATWAHEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!) Hair-  DOUX – Leslie hairstyle [FATPACK] (dam1710) @ Dubai! Skin-  :[P]:– Unicorn Kinn:// Darkin Skin (aikea.rieko) @ lootbox Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Luna Eyes (Blogger Fatpack)(funeral.plutonian) @ KUSTOM9  Tail & Ears-  :[P]:– Kinn Tail & Ears lootbox (aikea.rieko) @ lootbox CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES: Bikini bottom-  Moon Elixir – Web of Seduction – (MoonCelestia) Horn circlet-   :[P]:– Kinn […]

From the heavens she came

BODY: Head- CATWAHEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!) Hair-  # taketomiWEST – Veronica – Fatpack (Bella Earst) Skin-  [Glam Affair]–Loly Applier [ Catwa ] (Aida Ewing) @ KUSTOM9  Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Luna Eyes (Blogger Fatpack)(funeral.plutonian) @ KUSTOM9  Ears-  :[P]:– Maliana Deco Ear (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical Wings-  {egosumaii} + Seraphim Alis Fatpack +  (devilaii) CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES: Panties-  :[P]:– Malia Bra & Panty [Mait] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical Cuffs-  :[P]:– Maliana Wrist Cuff [L] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical Anklets-  :[P]:– […]


BODY: Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!) Hair-  DOUX –Medusa hairstyle [FATPACK] @ Equal10 Skin-  [Glam Affair]Masha Applier [ Catwa ] (Aida Ewing) @ Main Store! Eyes-  :[P]:– Koele Eyes // Ember (aikea.rieko) @ Epiphany Tattoo-   :[P]:— Blushed Kitsune Body Tattoo [Femme] (aikea.rieko) @ The Epiphany Ears-   :[P]:-:- Kitsune Bare Ear – All (aikea.rieko) @ Epiphany Tails-  {aii} + Nogitsune Tail + (devilaii) CLOTHES […]


BODY: Head- Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!) Hair-  #taketomiWEST – GigiH II – Fatpack (bella.earst) Eyes-   {S0NG} :: Silo Eyes (Blogger Fatpack) (faust.steamer) @ KUSTOM9  Horns-  evermore. infernum // horns (etenaru) Hooves- Catseye “Dainty Hooves” Omega-Ready! v1.0 (Catty Catseye) Tail- :[P]:– Araxxis Tail [Glow Version] (aikea.rieko)  @ Lootbox June Makeup- CURELESS[+] Noel Set / OMEGA APPLIERS  (kaorinette) Sores- MERCIER– Trypophobia Hole on […]

If I could

BODY: Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!) Hair-  DOUX – DOUX – Nina Hairstyle (dam1710) @ Kinky Skin-  :[P]:– Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Alabarus (aikea.rieko) Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Fiori~ Ocean Blue Eye (funeral.plutonian) @ KUSTOM9 Tattoo- CIRCUIT +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Electric [BOX] Alia Baroque CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES: Dress- A&Y Lexa Latex Dress (Anabel Crystal) @ The XXX ORIGINAL Event Shoes- [MODA] ALANA THIGH HIGH BOOTS & HUD (eonla) […]


BODY: Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!) Hair-  A&Y Medusa Cyber hair 2 – multicolor (Anabel Crystal) Skin-  :[P]:– Vyrian Skin (Femme):// Kawthar (aikea.rieko) CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES: Top- A&Y Electra Cyber Top (ADD) – FullPack (Anabel Crystal) Panties- A&Y Nexus Cyber Thong – Lara – multicolor (Anabel Crystal) Socks- A&Y Electra Cyber Legwarmers (ADD) – FullPack (Anabel Crystal) Glove- A&Y Electra Cyber […]

Lil Clover

BODY: Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!) Skin- L’Etre – Sonya Skin [Chocolata Tone] (dam1710) Hair- DOUX – DOUX – Madison Hairstyle [M] (dam1710) @ Kinky Event Ears- ^^Swallow^^ Dragon Ears (luciayes.magic) CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES: Top- :[P]:– Rianelle Top [Lara] -Ladyluck- :[P]:– Rianelle Top [Lara] -Ladyluck- (aikea.rieko) Panties-Moon Elixir – Valkyrie – Leg Warmers – Maitreya (ElixirBlack) Socks- Yasum*Maitreya*Chaps*Chock*worn allone (Azlyn Vaher) Crown- L’Etre.Les accessoires – […]