From the heavens she came

Head- CATWAHEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair-  # taketomiWEST – Veronica – Fatpack (Bella Earst)
Skin-  [Glam Affair]Loly Applier [ Catwa ] (Aida Ewing) @ KUSTOM9 
Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Luna Eyes (Blogger Fatpack)(funeral.plutonian) @ KUSTOM9 
Ears-  :[P]:– Maliana Deco Ear (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Wings-  {egosumaii} + Seraphim Alis Fatpack +  (devilaii)

Panties-  :[P]:– Malia Bra & Panty [Mait] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Cuffs-  :[P]:– Maliana Wrist Cuff [L] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Anklets-  :[P]:– Maliana Anklet [R] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Circlet-  :[P]:– Maliana Circlet (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Chest piece-  :[P]:–  Lia Chestpiece [Mait] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Necklace-  :[P]:– Lia Necklace [Choker] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Rings-  :[P]:– Maliana Ringset [Maitreya] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical

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