The Arena

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Is now open! click the here to get a direct teleport to the event

So I have been a busy bee in sl. I created a men’s fantasy/rp shopping event called.. you guess it, The Arena
The event will be held every 3 months @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival sim. Each round will have 40 creators, I tried to select a little of everything- hair, tattoos, skins, full outfitters, accessories and even weapons.
I want to give a big thanks to Damon Pinelli for taking on the build for me and also creating a fantasy item for the event!

I made a suggestion for The Arena, I would love to her your feed back and idea’s. Click here to share your thoughts

If you would like more info on this event please check the following links. Blogger apps and creator apps can be found on the website.
Web page:
Flickr pool:

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