Someone like you

I'm so full of love I could barely eatSomeone like you- details

Skin- –Glam Affair–  Alice -UBER (aida Ewing) @ Uber
Hair- CATWA HAIR Rosy [A]  (Catwa Clip)
Eyes- IKON Charm Eyes – Moor (Ikon Innovia)
Tattoo- .Identity. Body Shop – Guenkyo (Melissa Hindrabar)

Bodysuit- .ET. Magic Ride Dress Red S  (LeEnfantTerrible) Coming Tomorrow @ The Arcade
Pants- Bueno -Leggings Hot Pink – XXS (Blueberryxx)
Shoes 1- Pure Poison – Bohemian Romance Sandals – Simple Boho – SLINK (Shaleene Kenin) @ Uber
Shoes 2–Glam Affair–  Boho Sandals Pink (Sole invisible to fit ontop of the other shoes) (Amberly Boccaccio) @ Uber
Headdress-  .ET. Magic Ride Crown Gold RARE (LeEnfantTerrible) (Modded the chain down to make it a nose ring, I used the random matter nose ring as the hoop for the nostril, it was super easy. Anyone could do it)  Coming Tomorrow @ The Arcade
Head chain-  .ET. Magic Ride Coinchain Gold (LeEnfantTerrible) Coming Tomorrow @ The Arcade
Nose ring- .random.Matter. – Sanza Nose Chain – Gold (Nikohl Hax)
Necklace- .ET. Magic Ride Necklace Gold (LeEnfantTerrible) Coming Tomorrow @ The Arcade
Feathers- !dM MataHari – Feather HeadDress **FLOWER** (RARE) (Modded to back and then sized and tweaked) (Chandra Meehan)
Belt- .ET. Magic Ride Belt Gold RARE (LeEnfantTerrible) Coming Tomorrow @ The Arcade
Bracelets and anklets- . aisling . Tortuga Princess (Attached bracelets to my ankles and modded them to size) (Damian Kleiner)

Photo pose- label motion : (anne Dakun)