My adventures in Blithe

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A notice was sent out in the “bloggers support group” talking about a sim perfect for taking pictures, I accepted the LM and later that night I stopped by. This sim is simply amazing. I had so much fun walking around exploring. I usually do a flashy edited photo for each of my posts, but this time I tried something a little different. I spent my evening flying around this breath taking sim, I joined the land group, rezzed poses and snapped away. I have to give it to Harlow Heslop for putting together such a lovely, inviting place.

Click here to go on your own adventure in the fantastic Blithe

Blithe- details

Skin- –Glam Affair– Alice – Shiny Shabby – America (aida Ewing) @ Shiny Shabby
Hair- [Entwined] Skye (VivienMarli)
Eyes- IKON Charm Eyes – Brown (Ikon Innovia)
Mouth- [PXL] SweetLips v1.2  (Hart Larsson)
Lip skin applier- Glam Affair – PXL Sweet Lips Appliers ( Alice America ) (aida Ewing) @ Shiny Shabby
Eyeliner- -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01 (Amberly Boccaccio)

Dress- -Pixicat- Victoria.Set (areve) @ Shiny Shabby
Boots & Socks- JD  – Neva FATPACK (davidefre)
Collar- :ENIGMA: Solitude [Collar] Silver (Damon Pinelli)
Circlet & Earrings- .Keystone. Kraaken Jewellery (Aymee Monk) @ TFC
Flower- *LODE* Head Accessory – Story Flower [black]  (Chirzaka Vlodovic)
Rings- ieQED jessi.rings.copper (SigiFaust) @ Shiny Shabby

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