Divine messenger

Divine messenger
Divine messenger- Details
SKIN- -Glam Affair – Lindsey Skin .- Asia  02 B ( (aida Ewing) @ Creation.JP
HAIR- little bones. Sea Foam – Blondes (Nova Faerye) @ FaMESHed

FLOWERS--Glam Affair – Nivy Flowers (1) Bride  (Amberly Boccaccio) @ The Liaison Collaborative
CIRCLET- .aisling. Elyan Tiara RARE (Damian Kleiner) @ The Gathering
NECKLACE- .aisling.  Elyan Necklace RARE (Damian Kleiner) @ The Gathering
WINGS- .aisling.  Elyan Wings (Gold) (Damian Kleiner) @ The Gathering
ARM BANDS- .aisling. Elyan Armband (Gold) (Damian Kleiner) @ The Gathering
BRACELETS- .aisling.  Elyan Bracelet (Gold) (Damian Kleiner) @ The Gathering
GOWN- *{Junbug}* Mistress Xanthe [Ivory] @ FaMESHed

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