Welcome to the freak show~

I was contacted a week or so ago by Mena Lancaster, she had the idea of having a monthly gathering of bloggers for a one large themed photo. I of course was game, I myself am one of the creators of 31 days of halloween, as many know we did 31 days of themed large group photos for the month of Oct. Anyways this was the first “The Monthly Mob” photo and I think it was a total success.The photo below was taken and edited by: Susanne Drechsler. I wasn’t able to snap a group photo for I was afk for the most part of this shoot getting ready for a rl outing. But she did a lovely job!10635838_1446428945645412_3983034349445908979_n

Susanne Drechsler – http://susannedrechsler.wordpress.com/
WiccanBeauty – http://wickedblogz.wordpress.com/
Tasja Rage – http://wtfisshewearing.wordpress.com/
Eadwynn Tyrell – http://barbieshit.wordpress.com/
кąгąʟεε DANGER ἶɾօղჩεმɾძ – https://nobodydoesitlikekaralee.wordpress.com/
Mena Lancaster – http://thenewestwrinkles.wordpress.com/
ɧⒶℤỹ – https://fullmoonblogspot.wordpress.com
RikkeBa – http://theworldofba.wordpress.com/

The bearded lady and the dwarf
Ze Clown- Details
Skin- MIASNOW CANDY Clown, Makeups, & Lashes! (MiaSnow Myriam)
Hair- Alice Project – Lola – Infinity (AliceProject)

Clothes & Accessories:
Collar 1- [bubble] Cabaret Clown Collar (moonbubble Gothly)
Collar 2- *L.inc* Bound Collar White (CK Winx)
Gloves- [bubble] Cabaret Clown Gloves (moonbubble Gothly)
Shorts- [bubble] Cabaret Clown shorts (moonbubble Gothly)
Shoes- [bubble] Cabaret Clown shoes (moonbubble Gothly)
Corset- [LWL] MESH Corset (Faint Paulse)
Belt- [LWL] Metal Cincher (Faint Paulse)

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