glow- details

Skin- –Glam Affair- Cassia skin -America (aida Ewing) NEW! & only @ Summerfest
Hair- little bones. Full Moon – Blondes (Nova Faerye)

Clothes & Accessories:
Top- r2 A/D/E uruo[white&gold] (rei2 Aya) NEW! @ COLLABOR88
Skirt- Peqe – Greek_Zeus (ULTRA RARE) (Inex Hax) NEW! @ Tails of fantasy
Ankle wraps- Yasum*MESH*Roman Raps*Mega Hud controled (Azlyn Vaher) NEW! @ TTS
Collar- *OAL* Bliss Jewelry Collection (Discovering Destiny) NEW! @ Tails of fantasy
Circlet- [Keystone] Aglaea Headpiece v1 (Aymee Monk) NEW! @ TTS
Bracelets and cuffs- .aisling. Eunice Arms & bracelets & hands (Damian Kleiner) NEW! @ Tails of fantasy

Staff- .aisling. Enzeld (Damian Kleiner) NEW! & on discount We ❤ RP

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