Underground wires

Underground wires


Skin- Cosmetic Fair -Glam Affair – Mokatana skin (aida.ewing)
Hair- A&Y Cyro Hair (Anabel Crystal)
Eyes- FutureWave ~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes w/HUD
Eyelashes- *GA* Mesh Lashes Fantasia (Gael Streeter)
Face Tattoo- +Iniquity+ [TechFace] Tattoo (vice.garzo)
Ass- [uL] Ghetto Booty No.01 (Ursula Luckless)


Mask- FutureWave
Spine plugs- FutureWave
Body suit- FutureWave [Ponka Designs] Alcor outfit (beponka.nirvana)
Arms- [KI] Hardsuit Addon: Hard Knuckles- Stealth (Julia Faulkland)
Legs- [KI] Hardsuit Addon: L-Boots- Stealth(Julia Faulkland)


Gun- Rapture – HSMG-28 1.0 (Niiya Narayan)


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