Tango Mirage Baby

Tango Mirage Baby

I have been WAITING for these tits to come out. I am a old school lola wearer, I wore the lola push ups for years before the mesh tangos came out. I have -always- missed the push up look, and I have tried to replace the look with other mesh breasts other then lola. Honestly all the other brands have fell short of my expectations. These breasts are spot on! I love them. Go buy them now!

old lola’s

pic 1 – pic 2 – pic 3 – pic 4 – pic 5

Boobies- New!!! Tango Mirage Mesh Breasts (Sandi Moonites) @ Lolas :::
Dat Ass- Phat Azz /w thicker legs (CK Winks) NEW!!! @ *L.inc* 
Hair- New!! [01] Curious (Sabina Gully) @ Magika
HeadDress-~Soedara~ Tariqa Headdress {Old Silver}(marbella.pronovost) @ ~Soedara~ 
Belt- Aurora belt (songfeather.starr) @ *SongF*
Arm cuff- Kahli Designs – Arm Torc – Onyx (Viland) @ {KD}

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